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5 Common Accidents and Injuries in Schools — and Why Proper Communication is Crucial

Teachers know that so much more goes on in the classroom than just learning. You might think that most accidents happen at home, but this isn't always the case. Classroom hazards like poorly-fitted furniture, dangerous electrical equipment, and slippery walking surfaces pose a significant safety risk to children of all ages. Here are some of the most common accidents and injuries at school, and how you can respond to an emergency situation.

1. Trips and Falls

Image of a stressed teacher in a classroom with studentsAccording to one British study, trips and falls make up 55 percent of accidents in schools. Computer cables, furniture, mislaid books — students can trip over all of these items and cause themselves a serious injury.

Maintaining an organized, safe classroom will reduce the number of slips and trips in your school. You can't prepare for every eventuality, however. This is where the latest tech comes in.

Take Badge Messenger®, for example. It's a two-way messaging and alert system that facilitates effective communication between teachers and students in an emergency. Your employees can wear it on the reverse of their I.D. badges and notify the right member of staff if a student falls or trips in the classroom.

2. Fights and Physical Assaults

Between one in three and one in four students have experienced bullying at school. Unfortunately, bullying can often lead to physical assaults and fights in and outside the classroom. In these circumstances, teachers need to take action quickly to avoid further harm to a child. Not acting in a speedy manner could result in a serious injury.

While technology like Badge Messenger won't prevent bullying at school, it provides teachers with a quick way to communicate with other members of staff. Teachers can use the messenger to alert the right team members to dissolve a fight quickly, and improve safety in the classroom.

3. Allergic Reactions

Peanut allergies, bee stings, and other anaphylactic conditions have been on the rise. They can be hard situations to prevent in schools where many children and items from home can be involved. For some students quick response is key.

4. Sports-Related Injuries

Collectively, children and teens suffer from 3.5 million sports-related injuries every year in the United States. These injuries can occur during a recess period or physical education class.

Sports injuries can range in severity, from mild pain to broken bones. Regardless of the injury, teachers need to call for medical assistance immediately. Using Badge Messenger, teachers can contact the appropriate member of staff — a certified school nurse, for example — and resolve accidents in school without leaving the injured student unattended.

5. Head Injuries

Students miss 5,000 school days every year because of school-related injuries. Head injuries are more common than you might think, too. Students might hit their head when walking into a door, for example. Poorly-fitted furniture and malfunctioning equipment can also cause accidents.

Badge Messenger provides teachers with a point of contact after a student suffers from a head injury. This messenger alerts a school nurse or other member of staff and prevents injuries from getting worse.

The classroom is full of potential safety hazards for students. Trips and falls, assaults, sports-related injuries, and head injuries — these are just four of the most common accidents in school.

Badge Messenger provides you with an effective communication method in the event of an emergency in the classroom. As a result, you will receive the assistance you need to deal with classroom accidents and any unexpected situation. Quick response time in all these areas is key to the difference Badge Messenger provides. Click here to find out more.

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