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3 Types of School Emergency Planning Drills for Classroom Safety

Emergency preparedness and planning is paramount to every single school and district across the country.

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Badge Messenger® Granted FCC Approval

Badge Messenger® has officially attained FCC (Federal Communications Commission) approval. Meaning, our products are approved for sale in the U.S.

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Emergency Systems Every Special Education Classroom Should Have

Is your special education classroom prepared for an emergency? Here are a few things to look for in an emergency system.

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Tech in Schools: Distraction vs. Digital Need

Is technology in schools distracting or beneficial to student learning? Read about which technology devices are distractions, and which classroom tools encourage and improve participation.

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5 Non-Emergency Scenarios for Badge Messenger

Badge Messenger isn't just a communication technology for emergencies, it can also be used for a wide variety of everyday activities.

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The Role of an IT Director in School Districts

Your school IT Director has many responsibilities and initiatives to fill in 2020. Read our blog for insights into this role and what to look for in 2020.

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What Constitutes a "Safe School?"

What makes a "safe school?" Who manages the parameters of a safe-forward school? Who designates safe school training? What initiatives can schools take?

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Badge Messenger Tech RoundUp

In Badge Messenger's Tech RoundUP, read about new education technology and security solutions to see if your school's system is up-to-date.

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How Special Education Classrooms Benefit From Badge Messenger

How special education classrooms benefit with Badge Messenger's assistive technology. An everyday tool to help best manage classrooms.

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Badge Messenger is a Must-Have for Safe Schools

Badge Messenger® is a cutting edge school alert system that leaves limitations behind. It empowers teachers and students alike. See why it's a must-have.

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