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Emergency Systems Every Special Education Classroom Should Have

Is your special education classroom prepared for an emergency? Here are a few things to look for in an emergency system.

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Tech in Schools: Distraction vs. Digital Need

Is technology in schools distracting or beneficial to student learning? Read about which technology devices are distractions, and which classroom tools encourage and improve participation.

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The Role of an IT Director in School Districts

Your school IT Director has many responsibilities and initiatives to fill in 2020. Read our blog for insights into this role and what to look for in 2020.

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What Constitutes a "Safe School?"

What makes a "safe school?" Who manages the parameters of a safe-forward school? Who designates safe school training? What initiatives can schools take?

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How Technology Can Amplify Great Teaching

How technology can amplify great teaching in schools. Read about the ways ed-tech has changed the classroom and learning environment in schools today.

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Badge Messenger Tech RoundUp

In Badge Messenger's Tech RoundUP, read about new education technology and security solutions to see if your school's system is up-to-date.

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The Best New Tech in Education

Want to adopt the newest classroom technology? We've compiled a list of the best new tech in education that keeps your teachers happy and students engaged.

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Schools Can Be Safer: So We're on the Cutting Edge

All school safety solutions have drawbacks, which is why we're striving to build one without any.

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From the Desk of Mike: What Other School Security Apps, Tools, and Programs are Missing

What does Badge Messenger® have that other school security programs are missing?

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A School Alert System that Gives Parents, Teachers, and Administrators Peace of Mind

Anything can happen at any time, and parents, teachers, and administrators need to prepare for every possible outcome. It's not scaremongering; it's just being sensible.

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