From the Desk of Mike: What Other School Security Apps, Tools, and Programs are Missing

How is Badge Messenger® Different from Other School Security and Communication Apps and Systems?

Functionality is Key

Badge Messenger is a communication system that can be used by staff and administration to request assistance, notify everyone in emergency events, and track everything for reporting purposes afterwards.

The Messenger is a badge holder, worn around the neck, made to store an ID badge and building access card that doubles as a communication device.the Messenger badge holder that comes with Badge Messenger

The badge holder is sleek, lightweight, and portable. Having help at your fingertips gives teachers peace of mind.

Badge is Here to Help

During the course of the day, if anyone has a need for assistance, they simply press a button on the Messenger. Their request is sent to the Command Center where the office staff will take appropriate action to address the situation. The screen on the teacher’s Messenger will keep them informed of the status of their request through the entire process – from Message Sent and Message Received, to Help is on the Way and Resolved.

Crisis Averted

Handling emergencies is a reality of working in a school. With Badge Messenger, administrators have the ability to send notices from the Command Center to an individual or the entire staff. Improving communication in these situations prevents an even larger crisis.

In an emergency event, such as a lockdown, every Messenger receives the notice immediately. The Badge Messenger system can even be configured to allow staff members to initiate an emergency event directly from their Messenger, assuring that everyone receives the notice as quick as possible.

All notice phrases, emergency events, and types of requests are customizable through the Command Center.

Jack of all Trades

The internal communication systems used by schools for assistance requests and emergency events generally use hand-held radios, hard wired phones, or mobile apps in each classroom. Each can be an effective tool in specific situations, but none of them can claim all the capabilities of Badge Messenger.

Most schools require ID badges be displayed, making Badge Messenger perfect for summoning assistance. Instead of adding another clunky device to a teacher's toolbox, it combines items to meet multiple needs. Display your badge and get help in a single button press? Score.

Out With the Old

Traditional methods (radios, cellphones, and hard-wired phones) are out of reach in most situations. Badge Messenger eliminates that stress.

Photo of an old rotary telephone next to a smartphoneThe system doesn’t use WiFi or cellular networks, and both the Messengers and Control Center are battery powered. Power outages and cellular/WiFi congestion or outages can prevent other systems from working properly. Badge Messenger is on an independent wireless system using a proprietary encrypted communication scheme; So, a natural disaster knocking out power or cell network is no need to worry. The system is always available and ready to help.

In order to stay informed of the status of a request, radios and phones require continuous use, which can be difficult if your situation demands both hands and your full attention.

Badge Messenger is a simple, worry-free way to call for help. Press one button and immediately give the situation at hand your full attention. When you have a second, a simple glance at the Messenger screen will immediately tell you when help is on the way.

Keep students safe in this ever-changing world with modern technology.

Reporting Made Simple

Cartoon picture of bar charts and pie graphs on a computer and cell phoneEvery button press and status response is timestamped and tracked in the Badge Messenger system. At a later time reports can be run on date ranges, types of events, individuals, or groups. The reporting capability can be very useful for evaluating efficiency and progress of training and drills. It’s also useful when evaluating quantity and response time of maintenance, medical, and security requests.

All-In-One for Peace of Mind

Alternative school communication systems may have some of the capabilities of Badge Messenger, but not all of them.

  • Readily available
  • User friendly (single button push for help)
  • Discreet
  • Runs on an independent network
  • Works in a power outage
  • Allows emergency event initiations to be sent from a Messenger
  • Concise tracking for simple reporting

Badge Messenger is the clear choice for a school's internal communication needs in one simple device.

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