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Nationwide Teacher Shortage & Meeting the Needs of a Stressed Faculty

How are schools handling the nationwide teacher shortage?

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How Classroom Empathy, Teacher Empowerment, & Social-Emotional Learning Can Manage Student Behavior

Learn how classroom empathy, teacher empowerment, and socio-emotional learning can manage student behavior.

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How Special Education Classrooms Benefit From Badge Messenger

How special education classrooms benefit with Badge Messenger's assistive technology. An everyday tool to help best manage classrooms.

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I'm a Teacher, and Badge Really Does Have it All

St. Francis Xavier Catholic School in Sartell, MN is a Badge Messenger® school. Stephanie Pederson is a teacher with 30 years of experience; her story.

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Schools Can Be Safer: So We're on the Cutting Edge

All school safety solutions have drawbacks, which is why we're striving to build one without any.

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We Can Do More to Prevent Mass Shootings

From Columbine to Parkland, there are a thousand solutions to school shootings. But what if we're missing the most obvious one?

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As Close to an “Easy Button” as it Gets for Behavior Management

Research exists about the impact of frequent interruptions and the negative repercussions of these interruptions on schoolday productivity. What can help?

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5 Ways to Empower Teachers to Build a Positive, Innovative School Culture

How can administrators, instructional coaches, and teacher leaders help build a culture of innovation in our schools? Learn by reading Angela Watson's article.

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A Day in the Life of a Teacher's Badge...

I save lives. But I don't like to gloat or anything. It's just part of the job. And I always deliver. See a day in the life of Badge Messenger.

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Four Strategies for Introducing Empathy in the Classroom

Nearly one in three U.S. students say that they have been victims of bullying. Learn more from the article by Getting Smart.

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