Pros & Cons of Badge Messenger

As with any new product on the market, there's a list of pros and cons associated with its name and reputation. For Badge Messenger™, our list of pros and cons cover everything from our business model to our relative newness on the tech market, and one very special inception story. Let us explain.

Pro #1: Badge Messenger Saves Lives

That might be a little gimmicky or marketable, but that doesn't detract from the truth. Badge Messenger was created out of need to further protect our schools, children, and educators every single day. In today's current world, there can never be enough done for that cause. We like to think our product solves a lot of problems for schools not knowing the best way to address school safety concerns.

Pro #2: Badge Messenger Is Not App-Based

Chalkboard Depiction of Pros and ConsBadge Messenger is designed to be worn on lanyards, clothing clips, belts, or armbands. It's directly connected to teachers and staff every single second of the day. Its bi-directional messaging capability has zero reliance on wi-fi or cellular networks. It operates at the touch of a button no matter how far you are from your phone, tablet, or device. Apps are great and apps have improved the world around us in a lot of ways, but we're considering Badge Messenger as non-app-based one of its greatest strengths.

This video gives a closer look at the security benefits of Badge Messenger:


Pro #3: Badge Messenger Isn't Our Full-Time Job

Do you know how passion projects start? Usually with someone pouring a lot of love and passion into its inception. Badge Messenger is no different. Created out of need, our team of backers and supporters convened on the topic of school safety and teacher fortification and our unique badge holder communicator was born. Our team of designers, engineers, educators, salespeople, marketers, and endless promoters also have other careers and full-time obligations separate from Badge Messenger. We firmly believe we're invested for the right reason.

Pro #4: Herd Mentality in Education

The education world is very connected and the spirit of unity and collaboration is easily fostered in this industry. We took that into account as we developed our Pilot School Program knowing if one school or district implemented Badge Messenger, news would ripple out to other districts as well. Leveraging our already solid relationships in education helped propel our entry to the marketplace and continues to validate and reinforce our mission to help educators everywhere.


Con #1: Market Share

We're the new guys in the tech + education space, but that disparity will continue to diminish over time. We adopted and launched a brand, product, and website pretty quickly in the summer of 2018 knowing the new school year was looming. We recognize that vetting needs to happen when schools look at adopting our brand. We're confident our influence and story will continue to reach the right people and positively affect education in every corner of this country.

Con #2: Testimony

This accompanies the lack of market share con in that we know that no matter the industry, word of mouth and personal recommendation is the most powerful sales tools in any market. We have our brand evangelists don't get me wrong - we're just waiting for that one single story of how Badge Messenger changed a trajectory of a normal school day or impacted a school in an immeasurable way. Our product is poised for greatness and the stories are waiting to be told. We're committed and patient.

Con #3: Ease of Use & Simplicity

Wait. Ease of use and simplicity are included on the con list? Let us explain.

When we demo Badge Messenger and showcase how the command center, C.A.R.E.L., and individual Messengers work, people are often shocked at the simple intent and functionality. That's one of its best features - a bi-directional communication that works at the single press of a button. Nothing to log in to, no confusing pathways for instigating a lockdown or emergency situation, no clogging networks or reliance on what can be compromised or spotty WiFi. That's the point. When time is of the utmost essence, Badge Messenger saves it - among other things.


Badge Messenger was created and established in Central Minnesota. As Midwesterners, we are humble and we work hard. It was both humbling and hard work to create a pros and cons list that showcases our best attributes and highlights some opportunities we have for growth and increased impact.

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