10 Signs You're Ready to Upgrade Your School's Communication System

The ability to communicate with other teachers, administrators, and other important stakeholders in your school’s community is crucial. From natural disasters to school shootings, effective communication can quickly mean the difference between life or death.

10 Signs You're Ready to Upgrade Your School's Communication System

That’s drastic but necessary; today more than ever it’s important to ensure you’re using a modern communication system in schools and across campuses. But how do you know when it’s time to upgrade your current communication system? Pay attention to these 10 signs and red flags for upgrading your school’s communication system and learn how to address them ...

Too Much Reliance on App Support

10 Signs You're Ready to Upgrade Your School's Communication SystemMore people have smartphones today and mobile apps help enable faster communication. But what happens if cell phones aren’t in reach or networks are down? If your school’s communication system completely relies on app-based communication then you may need to upgrade your system to facilitate faster communication to parents and school officials using another method.

Delayed Communication

A delayed response via an analog intercom can mean a heated argument that quickly escalates into a physical altercation. If your communication system is experiencing delayed responses, this is a red flag that indicates it is time for an upgrade, such as installing digital devices. Avoid this situation by periodically testing the response time of your communication systems.

No Visual Support

Protecting students and staff from threats on campus is more challenging when your school’s communication system lacks a visual guide. Focus on implementing a video aspect in your school’s communication system, such as installing digital cameras at every access point.

Alerts Don’t Work

Whether it’s a school closing or a notification of a school lockdown, it’s important to leverage the help of technology, including modern school alert systems. If your school notification system is delaying responses or not generating at all, then it’s time to upgrade for a better system.

An Outdated System

10 Signs You're Ready to Upgrade Your School's Communication SystemHolding onto old technology may seem like a cost-effective idea. But if it’s no longer serving its intended purpose, then it’s time to make a change. Instead, verify the communication system is in good working order.

Inconvenient Communication

Teachers' days can shape in many different ways as ordinary school events unfold. Sick children, misplaced students not back from recess, or a massive accident or maintenance need in the classroom. To not only respond to these needs as they arise but also the ability to remain focused on other students is crucial for teachers and admin. Not having an instantly accessible communication device on standby is inconvenient and even dangerous. 

Lack of Remote Support

A school video camera or alert system that doesn’t allow remote access can set your communication back. Instead, use devices that support remote access so that law enforcement or other important stakeholders can access your school’s communication system at critical times.

Too Many Vulnerabilities

When your school system has too many vulnerabilities, such as unsecured networks and devices then it's time for an upgrade. Consider hiring a professional data security team to review and test your school’s communication system for vulnerabilities and provide assistance for reducing these vulnerabilities.

Hacked Systems

Hacking is a red flag for the need to update your school’s communication system. Today’s savvy cybercriminals and hackers easily infiltrate outdated communication systems to steal vital data from schools or even shut down entire systems and charge a ransom to restore services. If your school’s communication system has been hacked, then it’s time to upgrade your system.

Inadequate Traffic Support

Poor radio systems are one of the primary reasons for a delayed police response to the 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida. With a large influx of calls, the radio system wasn’t equipped to handle the incoming traffic and this scenario can happen to your school’s communication system. You can reduce this issue by thinking beyond radio systems and consider modern technology that leverages teacher ID badges, such as Badge Messenger.

With Badge Messenger®, the C.A.R.E.L. operator can send messages to any teacher or administrator wearing a Messenger right away in an emergency. For instance, if your school is under lockdown due to an active shooter or a bomb threat, a badge holder with two-way communication capabilities can help you keep communication open with administrators so you can know when it’s safe to leave the premises.

Final Thoughts

Knowing when it’s time to breathe new life into your school’s communication is crucial to ensuring the safety of your staff and students. Pay attention to the signs and get the ball rolling past ideation of needing an upgrade by communicating with parents and staff regularly on the importance of maintaining an updated school communication system.

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