Creating Security Solutions for the Future

How a customizable school alert system can solve problems schools may not even have yet.

The world is changing fast, with no area changing faster than technology. School budgets are not infinite, so principals and school decision-makers are looking for a solution that will be the best fit for their long-term needs. Most schools cannot afford to replace their major technology systems every few years. They’re looking to invest in something that will not only work for them here and now, but provide solutions to problems they have yet to experience.

Badge Messenger® is an adaptable tool that schools can use for a variety of purposes, from solving small issues like spills and burnt-out lightbulbs to keeping students and staff safe in a major emergency.

A Scalable Tool, Useful for the Whole School

Badge Messenger is a tool that is useful to all staff members in a school. Anyone  with a badge can request maintenance, report a safety issue, or call for assistance during a health crisis. Through CAREL, the system’s central information hub, administrators can see who is making the request and streamline response time.

Elementary students holding up safety sign

Depending on its size, a school may have dozens of staff members, including teachers, administrators, janitorial staff, counselors, cafeteria personnel, paraprofessionals, nurses, and librarians.

Having a reliable in-school communication system ensures everyone has the support they need to do their part and keep the school running safe and smooth.

Customizable Options Blend with Existing Protocols

No two schools are the same. While there may be state requirements for certain aspects of a school’s operations, the day-to-day activity will largely be informed by an individual school’s values, staff chemistry, and school culture. As such, schools need a customizable alert solution that fits the needs of their staff and students.

Badge Messenger's display functions are user-configured meaning the text options on both the messenger display screen and CAREL are customized by each school and applied to existing protocols. Both the messengers and CAREL can also display messages in other languages, so individual badge holders can choose the language they understand best. 

Data Tracking Helps Schools Learn

CAREL logs alerts by location and time, and stores this information for future evaluation. For example, during a fire drill, CAREL can instantly show which staff members are still in the building and how long it takes specific teachers and students to exit the building. That data is collected and documented. During the next fire drill that specific class can get more help and work to get out of the school faster than the previous drill.  

By analyzing CAREL’s stored data, schools can learn how they might improve their protocols for future situations. This can cut down on time taken out of the school day to run a fire or lockdown drill, and also indicate areas where a school may want to reallocate staff and resources.

Operates Independent of Other Technologies

Everyone knows how frustrating it is to have the WiFi or the power go out. During an emergency situation, what would normally be a minor inconvenience can turn life-threatening. The Badge Messenger system maintains functionality during a power outage and does not rely on WiFi, phone lines, cellular towers, or Bluetooth. Our system is built to be self-reliant and resistant to cyber intrusion. Additionally, it doesn’t require any updates to make the system compatible with the school’s current technology.

Badge Messenger is the Future of School Alerts

Badge Messenger is easy to integrate into schools’ existing communication structure. The simple interface makes it easy to navigate, which is especially crucial during an emergency, when a staff member may be distracted or emotional. The technology is flexible, self-reliant, and instantaneous. In an ever-changing world, Badge Messenger provides a comprehensive alert solution which is adaptable to schools’ needs, both now and in the future.

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